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Here's a sample from the latest on our project The Beach Chronicles.

Custom bike, custom piece, Dirk will do whatever it takes to find you. There's no way around it.


Avengers Endgame is a rollercoaster ride! You certainly don't want to miss it.

Here's a look at the time we were in Haiti with Thanos of Avengers Infinity Wars and Endgame (a.k.a. Cable and Josh Brolin), CLAWS/Heroes actor Jimmy Jean Louis and NCIS actress Maria Bello.



KijiK President Kevin Sharpley (top row, middle- photo: Carl Juste) is quoted in a Miami Herald article about The Miami Film Festival and Miami filmmaking scene. See the video below, read the article here: Miami Indie Film Scene


Our project The Beach Chronicles is connecting the pieces. A mystery will soon be revealed. Stay




Art Basel was rockin! We did a lot during the Basel week. More on that soon. For now, here's our annual Basel video for your watching pleasure!



We would like to pay tribute to our partner, our brother and part of the heart and soul of The Beach Chronicles, the first voice of our detective Dirk Jenson-Julian Valdez. (third from left) From the time we started the project, he gave his unwavering support, from helping to spread word, to breathing life into the main character Dirk Jenson, Julian showed the spirit that sparked a light with so many he touched. He remains the voice of our comic one of which you can hear the audio version that debuted on the David Lynch Transcendental Music Radio here: kevin-sharpley/ the-beach-chronicles-radio- noir-episode-one

We’ve had many in the ranks that have been a part of the project, Daryl Hannah, Michael Chiklis, Tommy Flanagan, Jimmy Jean Louis, JoMarie Payton-Two Dirk Jenson’s Jesse Johnson and Emmy Award winning actor Jordi Vilasuso, but Julian was the first star amongst the others. He will be missed, but will live on forever in the lives he touched and as our first voice.

RIP brother Julian, you were one of a kind.



KijiK is in Atlanta now! Or at least right outside, between Pinewood and Marvel Studios. So we're KijiK MIA and KijiK ATL

More info coming soon...



We're super excited about about the premier of this project, a short film collaboration with our project The Beach Chronicles and musician Jared Dylan! Premier October 19th-Tower records in Dublin, Check out the teaser below!


Photo by Prescott McDonald

Kevin Sharpley is the president and CEO of Kijik Multimedia Inc., a full-service production company with specialties in integrated, branded and convergent media and development of in-house projects. He is also executive director of CineVisun TransMedia, a nonprofit organization that supports the independent film, media and entertainment industry. His range of work includes films, television, documentary, commercial, music video, multi-media and event video production. In addition, he is an actor and well-respected artist, having shown and performed his work in many exhibitions and shows throughout South Florida.


How do you utilize your knowledge to benefit and inspire others?

My company has many projects that are social in nature, that have outreach and visibility and inclusion built in. Projects such as documentaries on Haiti — one of my favorite countries in the world — and what has transpired there, artists and some of their struggles and triumphs, an animated piece we did that was narrated by the great director David Lynch for his foundation which outreaches to many underserved populations, even one of our bigger projects “The Beach Chronicles” that has a comic book, podcast, live action [and] animated components and feels like a more commercial project is actually about marginalized populations and deals with issues such as veterans [with] PTSD, homelessness, alcoholism, the foster care system and many issues that face the world. It’s my hope that in producing these types of stories, that they can affect others.

I also teach for a school in California that sends curriculum to my students, I go over that with them and they come and work with my company. This is extremely enriching, as many of my students have and continue to work with me. In addition, I do a lot of outreach; I chaired the film and entertainment board for Miami Dade County for four years, I serve on many other boards, committees, mentor and community work, do speaking engagements and volunteer work, so that’s a more direct way I try to do my part. I’m a big believer in “each one, teach one.”

Name two iconic humans that have inspired you or currently inspire you. Why?

My grandfather — he obtained his Ph.D. in a time when it was challenging at best for a person of color to obtain that educational achievement, he was self-actualized having achieved his dream of becoming a bishop in Michigan over 77 churches and built a multimillion-dollar church that continues to serve the community over profit to this day, and most importantly he raised 10 children with a focus on family and love which has permeated itself as a central theme in the extended family of grandchildren, great grandchildren and great, great grandchildren.

Martin Luther King Jr. — his was a life of sacrifice, of love and determination against all odds. He was the head of a movement that involved thousands, but his voice connected and united the cause and helped to create a wave that resonates to this day.

Please share the evolution of your brand and purpose. 

I started my company in 2000 as a multimedia company that served three purposes — to create storytelling experiences for clients, and for the company with in-house projects across a spectrum of entertainment; film, television, animation, web and more. There was no mobile outreach then, but what I knew was that media would be consolidated and that there would be a device that would encapsulate that consolidation and that there would be a screen you could hang up on your wall to beam your media from that device (just ask the University of Miami Vice Dean of the School of Business at the time, I pitched it to one of his classes there while I was a student and it didn’t go so well with the students in the class back then). So really, I designed my company in a way that actually works best in today’s environment.

There are two sides of my company; branding and entertainment, with multi-media storytelling as a centerpiece. There was really no term “branding” back then, but that’s essentially what my company does. We do all of the regular branding things; figuring out a client’s representation in the marketplace, then logo, web, social, SEO, any video (branded film, documentary, commercial etc.), we put on and cover events, collateral material (posters, hats, flyers), industrial design, anything our clients need to tell their story really. We’ve had and have had clients across the strata, U.S. Air Force, Bacardi, clothing company’s, insurance, nonprofits, musicians, individuals and more.

How do you build your network for success? 

Expose yourself to as much as you can, I’ve lived in many places, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, Kentucky, Atlanta, Italy, Africa, New York and have traveled a lot, California, Tennessee, Barbados, Nicaragua, more, and in my travels met a lot of people. I’ve always tried to get out as much as I can, which has not been the easiest thing for me, I’m naturally an introverted person. But in my experience, if you don’t get out, you can’t meet people that can help to take you where you want to go as you can help others, whether socially, technically, professionally or otherwise.

Learn as much as you can from your experiences, that knowledge can help when you’re moving from circle to circle. And learn as much as you can educationally, whether that’s learning from others, school, books, articles, research, whatever way you can that works for you, soak it up.

What advice would you give to young men about dealing with their emotions?

Talk about your problems, don’t keep it inside. Seek advice. If you don’t have someone you trust to talk to, reach out to someone that you think might listen that you feel is a good person, you might be surprised that there are many that want to help. There is no shame in asking for help.





One of the best interviews we've had. With Academy Awawrd winning writer Tarell Alvin McCraney. Look for the interview here coming soon.


Here's a three clip sampler from the animated short film version of our project The Beach Chronicles. This one features voice over from the amazing actor Jimmy Jean Louis of TNT's hit show CLAWS and one of our favorite actors Tommy Flanagan from Gaurdians of the Galaxy two and Sons of Anarchy in studio doing his thing!



We did this is for our client C. Brian Hart Insurance. Cash Hartman struts with the best of them, Geico lizard, Progressive box, watch out!


A piece we did for the Astrella fashion line featuring Tommy Flanagan, Rami Jaffee of The Foo Fighters, super producer Ran Pink, Astrella and a surprise special guest.


Meet KijiK President/CEO Kevin Sharpley during his Art Residency at The Betsy Hotel.


Here's some pics from a show we've been developing in Nashville. Tattoos (yes that's Miley Cyrus getting a tattoo), a farm, cars, boats, motorcycles, so much fun!


The Beach Chronicles COMIC ONE and COMIC TWO are now available at Alex Chiong Tattoo Studio in North Miami!

Alex Chiong Tattoo Studio
12949 Biscayne Blvd
North Miami, Fl, 33181


The Beach Chronicles COMIC ONE and COMIC TWO are now available at SWEAT Records in North Miami!

SWEAT Records 5505 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137


Check out the new video of Jared Dylan featuring animation and visuals created by KijiK! It's a collaboration with our project The Beach Chronicles and it'is blowing up just like the explosions in the video, over 100,000 views in a week!

Check it out below and see more about The Beach Chronicles at


The Beauty of Haiti.

An excerpt from our upcoming documentary Nou Sove.

in the clip- Jimmy Jean Louis, Josh Brolin, Diane Lane, Maria Bello, the beautiful children and people of Haiti.


The Beach Chronicles COMIC TWO is now available at Nue Studio in north Miami! TBC Comic Two features the character Red Dragon based on D Jones of Nue Studio. Stay tuned for the upcoming video and hear his incredible journey to being one of the top in his field and becoming a character in The Beach Chronicles. The comic also features the remarkable actor Jimmy Jean Louis as Jacques Jean Jille and rocker Rami Jaffee of the group The Foo Fighters as Stingray the Assassin, snag the comic, go to the website and listen as you read.

Get your copy and TBC COMIC ONE at:
Nue Studio
4500 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33127

More coming soon, stay tuned…


Blacktasticon was amazing. Thank you all that purchased comics and everyone at the Con that made it happen! Here's a sample of KijiK President Kevin Sharpley on a panel there. See you at the next one!


The Beach Chronicles
will be in Atlanta
June 16 and 17! We hope to see you there!

more info at



We love David Lynch, Academy Award nominated director of Mullholand Drive and one of our favorite shows "Twin Peaks". What we also really love is the continuation of "Twin Peaks" on Showtime after 20 years! And David Lynch is an excellent actor with a phenomenal performance in the new series. It was great to work with him on this piece, where he did the voice over and the other performers provided some of their greatest hits! Peter Gabriel, Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, MC Lyte and Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees. What was really great is Mr. Lynch's notes. This is from David Lynch himself!


And with that, the logo was changed the next day to reflect the point where the logo connects with the world. Certainly we heard the notes in his distinctive voice. One of our proudest moments, thank you Mr. Lynch!



The next phase with our project The Beach Chronicles, the new short film for the new concept album Consequence by Jared Dylan. Jared becomes Kid Dylan, with Rami Jaffee of the Foo Fighters reprising his role as Stingray the Assassin and hitmaker Ran Pink as Mr. Pink the deal maker. Here's a first look featuring his first single the Can't Stop Remix by John Gibbons.

Stay tuned to see what happens next!



kevin sharpley black suit at edgewater

Tell us about your business.

I call my company KijiK Multimedia, a storytelling company under the guise of a multi-media company. On one side of the company we do integrated, branded, convergent and strategic media: production from concept to completion. Everything from conceptualizing media campaigns, logo design, web development (web site, social, SEO), branded content (film, commercial, animation, etc…), apps, designing events and covering them, as well. We’ll do anything for our clients really, to tell their story to the world. If it’s a hat, t-shirt, banner, just about any product or media tool, we’ll make it happen.

You have been an entrepreneur for many years. How have you stayed in demand?
Constantly evolving. The [motto] at KijiK is “Creativity Fueled By Innovation” and inversely “Innovation Fueled By Creativity.” We’ve been doing what’s now called “transmedia” for many years, long before it was a term, which is utilizing many media platforms to get our clients’ message to their audience. In order to do that, we are constantly looking for new methods of delivery, whether a new web tool, social site, app or product. An example is our foray now into exploring virtual reality.

Additionally, we’re always looking for ways to tell a story and more importantly an interesting story. We’ve seen the evolution from film and tape to digital to now even having camera phones with quality good enough to shoot a film, like the movie Tangerine, which was a hit at the last Sundance film festival and was shot using an iPhone. That’s not to say we don’t utilize the latest tools, 5K cameras, drones (responsibly), the latest in effects, graphics, etc… An example of the evolving tools and one we love is the Adobe line of products, which are now online and constantly updated from a simple and quick download. Evolution never ends and neither do we.

And as far as telling interesting stories, ask anyone in the business and they’ll tell you it starts and ends with the story. If it’s not good to start, it won’t be good to end, no matter what you do.

What has been your biggest obstacle, thus far?
I’ve fought hard to push for social responsibility in every facet of what we do and to do projects that mean something to the world. Often times these types of projects are not as easy to garner attention, to get them made, especially when you want to do them in a way that is true to your heart and soul. So trying to accomplish a balance between getting these stories out to the world, getting clients projects done and juggling other projects and responsibilities can be like navigating an obstacle course through a jungle on the hottest, rainiest day of the year.

Tell us about your most exciting project.
Right now it’s my company’s project “The Beach Chronicles” ( It’s pretty much everything I believe in as far as storytelling goes, the multi-media aspect of it, but also a reflection of my ideologies and influences from many areas, films, television, art in general, literature, science, culture, even the incredibly talented people I’m working with. I’ve been able to work with so many I’ve longed to work with and so many that I respect. I literally love everyone that is involved with this project, there are so many talented people both in front and behind the scenes.

In this the multi-media aspect of telling a story in many ways, across many platforms is liberating as a storyteller. It allows me to tell this big story, which is essentially about the circle of life, in a way that is as all encompassing as I can make it, I can imagine it. And I have days where my mind won’t stop, it just keeps going and going, so I channel that into the story and it allows me to tell it in a 360 degree manner.

Where do you see your business in the next five years?
Of course a bigger client base in that we see the evolution of our clients interaction with KijiK being a movement toward multi-platform organic outreach. That is reaching an audience with their core story, the heart and soul of their message and utilizing whatever platform and/or platforms that work best for their message. Essentially KijiK Multimedia as a true one stop shop in which we can outreach even utilizing our own platforms such as films, episodic shows and more.

We’re working on other things, a community center to teach underserved youth multi-media in which we’ve already retrofitted a building for that purpose, an online destination to view some of our projects and others we have a hand in producing both in episodic and in film format. We’re moving to have a full service studio space as we develop many more of our properties and continue to develop projects which in turn get placed on network, in theaters or on our own online platform.

In that I look for KijiK Multimedia to reach a diverse and varied audience in many forms; film, television, online, mobile, virtual reality, gaming, events and more. We’ll continue to tell stories, just more, across the ever evolving media landscape and bigger than ever before. You can check our evolution at, we have some great interviews on there like a candid with Eddie Griffin, projects, you can check out our blogs and more.


If you happen to be in Ireland you don't want to miss Jared Dylan! KijiK did the poster art and work for the upcoming campaign with a cross promotion with our project The Beach Chronicles. Catch him on his rise to stardom!



Here's an interview on NBC 6 In The Mix with KijiK CEO Kevin Sharpley speaking about The Beach Chronicles new debut of the TBC Virtual Reality and comic two/podcast versions featuring actor Jimmy Jean Louis and rocker Rami Jaffee of the Foo Fighters at the Miami Film Festival at the Miami Film Festival and a special new character in the project Ki Nichton based off of a real boy with an inoperable brain tumor. We were touched by him and his story of wanting to be real life super hero, so we made him one in our comic. He's our hero. Ki is working hard to battle his tumor, we hope becoming a super hero in our comic helps too.

If you would like to help Ki here is a link to donate:


Our project The Beach Chronicles is at The Miami Film Festival March 10th-17th. We've partnered with New Discovery Media on the Virtual Reality debut, a scene we took from the animated short version of the projec that features the voice talent of Daryl Hannah. We're very excited because we're also debuting our Comic two with the companion podcast in which you can listen as you read. The podcast features Rami Jaffee of the Foo Fighters, superstar actor Jimmy Jean Louis, Emmy Award winning actor Jordi Vilasuso and more. It's all at the Miami Film Festival-Virtual Escape at the Tower Theatre in Little Havana starting at 7:00.

Check it out here::

More here:

And at


West Side Story

Kijik Multimedia served as the Florida production unit for a an incredible documentary about one of the biggest plays in history, West Side Story. Kijik provided production services in Miami and Daytona with camera crews, logistical support, arranging travel, hotel and locationsl.

It was an honor to work with Tony and Carbonell award winning producer/director Dennis Grimaldi (in the top left photo with Kijik President Kevin Sharpley) who has worked with some of the biggest actors in film and theater; John Goodman, Mathew Broderick, Mia Farrow, Brian Dennehy, Carol Burnett, Alan Alda, Candice Bergen, Marcia Gay Harden, Gilda Radner, Jeffrey Wright, Stacy Keach, Dame Diana Rigg, Anjelica Huston and Martin Sheen Elisabeth Moss and so many more.

Actor/producer/writer/director/choreographer David Winters was Interviewed on the Miami shoot ((in the bottom right photo). Nominated for ten Emmy's, winner of two he's worked with Diana Ross, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Josh Brolin, Barbara Streisand, Sherilyn Fenn, Martin Landau, Christopher Plummer, and so many more.



Here Comes The Hurricanes

Congratulations Miami Hurricanes on your tremendous comeback season. To celebrate here's the throwback rerelease of our music video “Here Comes the Hurricanes” Featuring Bigg Phelluz (Big Kountry/Shabakka) artists from multi- album platinum recording group Bone Thugs and Harmony DJ Ice, Mo Thugs Skailz, Sin, Tony Blanco and Iconz Music Group. The video features former Canes Daryl Jones (also New England Patriots) James Lewis, Mike Rhump (formerly of the San Francisco 49ers) and Nhadje Davenport (formerly of the Green Bay Packers). Director: Kevin Sharpley Cinematography: Ed Talevera Editor: David Navarro Cars courtesy of the Rollin Car Club


We're proud to have had our documentary (in progress) selected for the Sundance Documentary Story Development Workshop! Click on the image for details.





Here's the cover for The Beach Chronicles comic two featuring Jimmy Jean Louis (from TNT's CLAWS, Heroes/Heroes Reborn, Joy), Rami Jaffee of the Foo Fighters and Emmy Award winning actor Jordi Vilasuso. Check out more on TBC at


KijiK Multimedia President/CEO Kevin Sharpley participates in the Miami Film Festival "A Conversation With Cheryl Boone Isaacs". At the time Mrs. Boone Isaacs was the President of the Academy for Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, the organiztion that puts on the Acedemy Awards.

Kevin Sharpley on stage with Miami Film Festival Executive Director Jaie Laplante and Mrs. Boone Issacs. Both Mr. Sharpley and Mr. Laplante listened as Mrs. Boone Isaacs spoke about her storied career and asked questions in the process.




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