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“Above Ground” and the Depths of Human Struggle

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In an exploration of human resilience and the relentless fight against adversity, the animated short film “Above Ground” emerges as a powerful film that delves into the complexities of tragedy, self-medication, and the triumph of the human spirit.

“Above Ground” originated from the personal journey of one of the producers, touching on themes of deliverance, overcoming cycles of abuse, the struggle with the opioid crisis, and finding the courage to face overwhelming obstacles head-on. Kevin Sharpley (writer/producer/director) recounts the emotional depth of the story also connecting with its powerful message.

“The story originated with one of the producers, it’s based off a member of his family. “Above Ground” writer/producer Vince Vargas adapted the story and approached me and my company to translate the story into an animated film. The team connected not only on the story, but also the message of deliverance, the fight to overcome the cycle of abuse, the struggle of the opioid crisis, and the ability to find the courage to face overwhelming obstacles and conquer them.”

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